THP Instincts course introduces THPs values, and invites individual commitment and alignment with our principles. Our principles are also our method, whereby we do the work together and explore skillful means to bring our vision and mission to the world. 

In this course, we remember what is right in each other, accessing the wisdom and courage to belong fully to ourselves and each other through our shared humanity. We use purposeful and intentional self-assessment of our own capacity to be present and to understand what is next for each of us in our development. Part of what we are here to do is take a fresh look at ourselves. 

The course will cover THP principles and values including our commitment to offering service as community builders alongside providing for-profit services to individual clients, groups, communities and organizations. We will also learn together about the THP ecosystem to fully understand the business model, roles, organization, systems and processes.

THP Instincts Course is open to anyone who has completed EPP’s Enneagram Training Courses 9PrisonsONEKey and Path to Freedom. THP Instincts Course is a prerequisite for EPP Certified Guides and EPP Guides-in-Training, ICF or equivalent credentialed coaches, and licensed or internationally equivalent mental health practitioners who wish to apply to THP tracks and join our now forming practitioner community. THP Instincts course is a a five-day virtual course designed to deepen your self-understanding, study, and work with the Enneagram in community. 

Readiness to attend subsequent training Tracks for Coaches, Therapists, and Facilitators, etc. will be demonstrated during Instincts and Practicum work, and considered by application. 

Course Dates

THP Instincts 2024 is a 40 hour course that will run weekly. 

Please add yourself to the interest list using this form to be notified when new course dates are announced:


The standard fee for the Instincts Course is $2,000. For those that are able, we invite you to consider your capacity to pay-it-forward with a contribution that is greater than $2,000.

If the fee is prohibitive, we have included space on the application for you to share what would make it possible for you to participate.

Upon completion of the Instincts Course, participants are invited to apply for THP's Instinct and Type Exploration Practicum. The I&T Practicum is a minimum six-month commitment. The fee associated with the I&T Practicum is $2,500. Please note that the practicum has a separate application and fee structure associated with it. The Instincts Course is a prerequisite for applying to the practicum.

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