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Cynthia Riha

Mentor + Practitioner

Cynthia is a coach, EPP guide, and meditation teacher, working with individuals to discover their wholeness, their strength, and their unique beingness. She has herself been on the same journey of self-discovery for over 30 years, while working in the technology sector in various executive management roles, raising three children and living as an ordinary human.

As an EPP guide in prisons and in jails in California, Cynthia walks the path of radical truth and self-compassion weekly. Working with the men and women inside is a shared experience of mentoring and being mentored by the wisdom of those who are doing the work of self-discovery in some of the most difficult environments imaginable. It takes courage to want to truly know yourself, but the gift is freedom - freedom to live your whole, beautiful, messy life with greater clarity, self-acceptance and a spacious stillness.

As a coach and mentor, it is her intention to create a space for you to ground yourself in the depth of your being while recognizing and releasing limiting patterns from the mind, the heart, and the body. When you make contact with your whole, unbroken, loving self, you release the joyful aliveness that is your birthright. Transformation and healing are possible. This is a sacred journey and Cynthia is there to walk alongside you as you awaken to your whole self and release into the fullness of your life.

Cynthia Riha
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