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Sue Braithwaite

Leadership Team + Practitioner

Sue Braithwaite is a practitioner with The Human Potentialists. A believer in the sacred, precious possibility of each human, Sue supports people to recognise their own goodness and power, helping them to bring their whole selves to the world so they can make lasting and meaningful contributions to their families, workplaces, and communities.

Whether working as a guide with Enneagram Prison Project or as a coach and faculty member at Thirdspace and New Ventures West, Sue is passionate about the beauty and power of the Enneagram to support our individual development and collective healing by showing us all the ways we are each unique and perfectly imperfect.

Sue lives on the river Severn in Worcester, UK with her husband Oliver who is a musician. Together they are experimental, eco-house builders with a passion for sustainable, environmentally conscious living.

MA Hons in Theology, Oxford University

ICF PCC Credentialed, Integral Development Coach

Certified Spiritual Companion with the Spiritual Companions Trust

Sue Braithwaite
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