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Customized Solutions

The Human Potentialists offers a range of solutions to meet each organizations needs. Together we will create a proposal to best support your organization and team. This may include:

  • Virtual Workshops 

  • Onsite Workshops 

  • Individual sessions

  • Coaching sessions

  • Courses

Our Approach

Our foundational approach to the Enneagram begins with the essence of what is good and right in all of us. We will dive into how the system works, and how to take emotional responsibility for ourselves. We co-create a psychological and emotionally safe container for colleagues to explore themselves and their viewpoints together with the basic premise that there is nothing wrong with any of us. As people understand how personality forms, we see why we can get derailed by strategies that once helped us to survive, which may now actually keep us from thriving.


Intended Outcomes


  • Reinforce the fundamentals of the Enneagram as a human development tool by explaining the gifts and essential qualities, core beliefs, and defense systems associated with each type;

  • Develop compassion and appreciation for the unconscious ways personality challenges and/or potentiates work in relationships;

  • Practice proven strategies for managing reactions to stress and conflict; and

  • Instill a common language for self and other awareness among team members, which can support a deeper foundation for doing “the work” together.

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